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Our mission is to clearly & elegantly communicate your brand's story,
so that you don't
to s-p-e-l-l it out.

Dive into our world of intuitive design and
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“We’re here to provide you with creative solutions that express
your brand’s story, values
and identity; 
via beautiful 
& simple design”

Olli Smith — Founder


Branding and Design
A clear and cohesive identity is one of the most valuable assets any brand can have. For this, good design is essential. We work with you, to deliver a slick and versatile brand package, that conveys your brand’s purpose, whilst establishing a connection with your customers.
Digital Development
With the digital landscape being more dynamic and fast-paced than ever before, invaluable opportunities can emerge for bold & innovative brands; especially those delivering value via not only their product or service, but their communications and user interface. The Lab has terabytes of experience launching websites and mobile apps! Our platforms work hand-in-hand with your branding, such as typography and colour-scheme, to deliver a seamless online experience for your users.
Marketing and Creative Direction
Solus Lab works with you to understand your industry, ideal consumers and proposition. With this in mind, we formulate and enact a custom strategy to achieve your brand-specific goals. We offer a plethora of in-house marketing services, including: photography/videography, animation, TikTok and Instagram marketing, SEO, Google Ads, content creation and more...

It's all
in the details...

The philosophy of the Lab is based on the notion that minimalism is key. This concept, famously expressed by Leonardo da Vinci as "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication," has, seemingly, been overlooked in today's information-filled world.

The Lab's innovative designs strive to create strong and unified brand elements while prioritizing elegance through simplicity and purposeful design. By utilizing a collaborative approach and secret in-house processes, we produce eye-catching brand assets that will win both the hearts and the minds of your audience.

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